Alison Cowan

Portfolio: Previous Work


Summer Splendor

Lavender Carpet

Raspberry Canopy

The Thinking Tree

Beyond the Pond

Glimpse of the Ben Beyond

Limestripe Blossom

Allium Burst

Dappled Maple


White Blossom

Coral Fizz



Sheltering Path

We Three Trees

Streaming Through

Four Fiery Trees

Bright Lights

Lake Reflections

Pink Sky Beyond

Rainbow Fall

Blossom Avenue/Shimmer in Pink

Lavender Avenue

Lemon and Lime

Pink Path

Wee Glitterball

Lilac Blossom Tree

Lime Stripe 2

Step Into the Light

River Runs Through

Silver Birch on Mauve

Into the Light

Blue Yonder

Pink Peeping Through

Looking Up Through the Branches

Mellow Yellow

Poppy Shimmer

Blossom Shower

Purple Haze Pom Pom

Shimmering Poppy Field

Pebble Beach

Hydrangeas Over the Garden Wall

Red Devil

White Lilac in Glass Jar


Amber Path

Silver Trees

Bluebell Path

As Day Dawns

Still Glowing


Blossom Whimsy

Spring Blossom

Burnished Arched Dome

Orange and Teal Landscape

Blossom Canopy

Through the Mist

Winter Trees

Spiky Trees in Red Field

Single Poppy

Single Sunflower

Lazy hazy Summer Daze

Worth Waiting For

The Wishing Tree

Rainbow Drops

Burnished Arched Dome & Guarding The Castle

Private Commission

Woodland Blaze

Crowning Glory

Profusion of Poppies

As Deep Blue Sea meets Rocky Shore

Poppy Pair

Bella Rosa

Bluebell Wood

Cherry Blossom Haze


Confetti Roses

Dolly Mixtures

Elderberry Confetti

Summer Haze

Highland Fling

Lavender Hills

Allium Huddle

French Lavender

Rainbow Tulips

Accents of Autumn

Red and White Tulips

Pink Tulips

Confettii Blossom

Springtime in Blue


White Tulips


Tulips Blowing in the wind

Fairy Clocks

Rosey Glow

Confetti Bloom

Bouquet Haze

Crazy Daisies

Lavender Poppies

Garden Path

Star Galaxy

Rosey Posy

Rustic Bowl with Cream Blossom

Vibrant Blooms

Under my Umbrella

Teal Reflections

Spotted Pot with Blue Hydrangeas

Bay Tree

Hydrangea Pom-Poms

Hydrangeas in Blue Pot

Orange Tulips on Parade

Poppy Dots

Hydrangeas in Pink Pot

African Violets

Poppy Seed Heads and Blooms

Red Blossom in Striped Vase

Pink Posy

Orange Poppies with TwistedStems


Field of Flowers

As Dawn Breaks

Cherry Blossom Trail

Mona Lisa Anemones

Daisy Bunch

Rocky Shore

Cerise Swirl

Falling Petals

Red Roses on Black Cloth

Jagged Bunnet

Tight Bunch

Poppies Catching the Wind

Woodland Path

Sunflower Posy

Cherry Blossom

Blue Vase with Maple Sprigs

Sea Urchin

Star Sparkle

Sunshine Through Bluebell Wood

Catching the Light

Rainbow Fields

Ten Trees

All Gone

Arm an' Arm

Thistle Mosaic

Wild Flower Field

Pom Pom on Lime


Scattered Amber

Lavender and Silver Birch


Fairy Woodland

Shingle Beach

Popping Out

Full Bloom

Birch Trees

Pom Pom Parade 2

Silver Birch on Red Carpet

Rainbow Drops


Burnished Carpet

Pink Blossom Haze

Glitter Ball

Blossom Burst

Four Fiery Trees


Tree Lights

Crocus patch

White Lilies Spilling Over

Maple Leaves



White Lilies in Spotted Vase

Anemones in Glass Jar

A Few More

Orange on Blue 2

Cerise Tulips

Orchids 2.


Stepping Stones

Warm Embrace

A Word in your Ear

Wee Pink Pom Pom

Burnished Canopy

Copper Leaves on Teal

Teal Sky Beyond

Raspberry Shower


Lime Shower

Rosey Glow

Blooming Uni

Hydrangea Huddle

Leafy Queens Gardens

Wears it Well


All Lit Up

Amber Glow

Blue Blossom

Candy Floss



Raspberry Canopy and Carpet

Fairy Lights

Moonlit Path


Almost Hidden

Silver Trees on Blue

Blossom Whisper

Blue Path

Sunlit Meadow

Single Tree in Lavender Field


Glorious Fall

Tall Trees

Snowy Mugdock

Reaching Out

Lime Stripe 1

Three Trees

Standing Together

Snowy Trees

Blue Haze

Blue Pom Pom

Pink Shower

Amber Parade

Golden Glow



Pom Pom Parade


Birch Trees with Moon Beyond

Spring Burst

Proud as Punch

Fond Embrace

Roses on Stripes

Three Wee Poppies

Icy Road


Winter Walk

Let's Dance

Winter Sun Through Snowy Trees

Thistle Maze

Scottish Pride 3

Snowy Sepia Landscape

Bluebell Carpet

Bluebell Wood

Confetti Blossom


Single Tree

Maple Leaves

Blossom and Branches

Bad Hair Day

Poppy Field

Ruby Red Roses on Cream Cloth

Branching Out

Winter Blooms

Bare Branches

Soda Pop

Flower of Scotland

Evening Light Over Meadow

Fiery Tree

Criss Cross

Tapestry Quilt

Twin Trees with Allium Pom Poms

Looking Through

Bluebell Landscape

Box with Cowslips and Viola


Looking Beyond

Blue Trees

Apple Blossom

Another Season

Glowing Beyond


Thistle Field

Fuzzy Thistle

Single Hydrangea

Yellow Peeping Through

Wee Pink Pom Pom

Cowslips and Fairy Clocks

Single Snowy Tree

Apple Blossom

Hydrangea Pom Poms

A Row of Red Roses

Blooming Poppies