Alison Cowan


I am a busy full time artist and for many years I have lived and worked from my studio in the West End of Glasgow. As demand has grown for my work I have recently moved to Bothwell in order to have additional studio space.  I was born in 1955 and studied at Glasgow School of Art in the mid 70’s and taught for many years in Ayrshire, Glasgow and North Lanarkshire. Over the years I have  generated considerable interest in my work through exhibiting locally and nationally, working on private commissions, commercial contracts with interior designers and architects. 
Artist’s Statement
I paint a range of subjects in an impasto, semi-abstract style and the environment around me is a constant source of inspiration. My paintings are generally not representative of specific locations and tend to be a mixture of elements that I feel work well together. I am more interested in how to use bold colour, composition and heavy texture to create dramatic images.  I try to capture a sense of depth and atmosphere through the use very thick paint, vibrant, contrasting colours, light and shade. I rarely use brushes, preferring the use of palette knives to apply thickened paint in stages, building up the structure and texture over a period of time.  

 My passion for painting trees continues, they hold such a fascination for me, there’s just something about them that draws me to paint them. Their shapes, textures and colours can be magnificent, magical and spiritual. I love the way their branches weave and intertwine and how their colours and shapes can change throughout the year. I continue to be captivated by the gorgeous, rich, jewel like, spectrum of colours that signify autumn as I endeavour to capture the mystery and magic of woodland places.


My work at a number of galleries this past year has been well recieved with record sales.  All included collections of dynamic and highly textured paintings and continued to explore my passion with Nature and particularly trees. They reflected the glorious natural environment through evolving seasonal changes and sunlight. 


 I am currently showing with a number of galleries including Annan, Lemond, Rowan, Scotland Artists, Ballater, Atelier and Moy Mackay.

I'm preparing for my seventh solo exhibition at the Rowan from October 27th 2019, along with other mixed exhibitions. Recently my work was chosen by Macmillan to promote their annual art exhibition at Bonhams in Edinburgh.